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EMNE: Mobility

Mobility 7 år, 11 måneder siden #296

I would like to share links that are very useful for everybody who wants to have functional body not just weightlifters:)
It has been great resource and inspiration for me.
If you havent check before, here it is:
You can search for the videos also on youtube, just write mobility wod and the body part you struggle with and you get whole set of useful
So no more injuries and only progress!!

Sv: Mobility 7 år, 11 måneder siden #304

I'll definitely check that out. " more injuries and only progress!!" Agreed!
  • Magnus Jeffs Tovslid

Sv: Mobility 7 år, 11 måneder siden #334

only progress sounds good to me;) found some good tips for me there
  • Jørn Lian
Siste endring: 7 år, 11 måneder siden Av .

Sv: Mobility 7 år, 10 måneder siden #351

This one is great!A must for all of us to understand where do we have limitations! While doing weightlifting.
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